Monday, April 2, 2012

postheadericon De Beers' The Promise Solitaire Rings

Since luxury isn't only for men and their wrists there's also time and space for something made with the ladies in mind and so we present the De Beers' solitaire Promise Rings.

These solitaires, from the collection The Promise from the renown brand De Beers, are made with high quality materials such as platinum and the world's most splendid diamonds, directly from the brand's own mines in South Africa and Canada.

The raw stones are worked upon by master artisans that polish them to perfection so that their shine and beauty are most intense under different light sources. Such is the dedication and work involved that the smallest pieces get the same treatment as the bigger ones, 57 faces worked, reflecting the enormous complexity level of these elegant and luxurious items. Set upon the platinum frames, one by one, the diamonds praise the values of an eternal union.

The Promise rings have such a design and artistic simplicity that truly makes them timeless. Representing the essence of unconditional love, always present in the longest relationships, are the fine lines that intertwine around the ring.

Each element is polished to perfection, guaranteeing the highest grade of finishing touch. The final part of the production process is the assembly of the main diamond, individually selected.

These rings are only made under order and only by visiting one of the brand's boutique to choose things such as the size of the diamonds and their frames. Values vary each new collection so no one ring is identical to another.


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