Monday, April 2, 2012

postheadericon De Beers' The Promise Solitaire Rings

Since luxury isn't only for men and their wrists there's also time and space for something made with the ladies in mind and so we present the De Beers' solitaire Promise Rings.

These solitaires, from the collection The Promise from the renown brand De Beers, are made with high quality materials such as platinum and the world's most splendid diamonds, directly from the brand's own mines in South Africa and Canada.

The raw stones are worked upon by master artisans that polish them to perfection so that their shine and beauty are most intense under different light sources. Such is the dedication and work involved that the smallest pieces get the same treatment as the bigger ones, 57 faces worked, reflecting the enormous complexity level of these elegant and luxurious items. Set upon the platinum frames, one by one, the diamonds praise the values of an eternal union.

The Promise rings have such a design and artistic simplicity that truly makes them timeless. Representing the essence of unconditional love, always present in the longest relationships, are the fine lines that intertwine around the ring.

Each element is polished to perfection, guaranteeing the highest grade of finishing touch. The final part of the production process is the assembly of the main diamond, individually selected.

These rings are only made under order and only by visiting one of the brand's boutique to choose things such as the size of the diamonds and their frames. Values vary each new collection so no one ring is identical to another.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

postheadericon Rolex Sky-Dweller

It has been a while since we last showed some nice men jewelry so, taking that into consideration today we present the Rolex Sky-Dweller.

The Rolex brand is without a doubt a pinnacle when it comes to luxury watches, undeniable position. Always beautifully crafted, elegant and stylish, the brand's products are a stable in excellency.

They've presented at Baselworld 2012 the Sky-Dweller, a very special watch made with the globetrotters way of living in mind, with a double timezone.

This new watch shows the local time on the main clock hands and the timezone on an eccentric circle indicating it with a small red arrow, as for the date it can be seen at the 3 o'clock position, using the Cyclops magnifier.

As for the calender, it automatically distinguishes the 30 and 31 days months and shows the exactly correct date every year, needing an adjustment once per year caused by February having 28 or 29 days.  As a way to make the adjustments easier the Sky-Dweller has got an innovative interface between the box and the mechanism, a revolving ring, the Ring Command Rolex, allowing the wearer to select the function that needs adjustment.

Developed and produced by Rolex, the 9001 caliber is amongst the most complex created by them to date, having even the certificate by COSC. Besides all that, it has a spiral Parachrom blue, patented and produced by the brand in a paramagnetic compound.

The Sky-Dweller can be personalized with an Oyster box, 42 mm in white gold 18 karats, yellow gold or Everose gold, waterproof as deep as 100m and having a winding cord reserve of 72 hours. The bracelet, made of white gold, comes with a Oysterclasp closing mechanism and extension system, Easylink.

For all watch lovers with money to spend this is without a doubt a must have, Rolex is the brand to have on your wrist.

Monday, March 12, 2012

postheadericon Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

The Bugatti brand is well known for their sports cars, reaching very high speeds, good maneuverability and extremely well designed models.

So it's with no big surprise that the Grand Sport Vitesse, the most potent "street legal" roadster in the world came from Bugatti.

One of the stars at the Genebra Expo, the Grand Vitesse is a more refined and tuned up Vevron 16.4 Super Sport, with a W16 motor, 8 litres and 4 turbos with 1200cv of potency and a maximum torque of 1500 Nm. As reveiled by the brand it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in some amazing 2,6 seconds, going from 0 to 200 in 7,1.

Engaging the track mode, it reaches as high as 410 km/h making it the fastest roadster ever made. In normal conditions, daily use and such, it has a "normal" mode with an electronically limited max speed of 375 km/h, which let's face it is more than enough.
Bugatti has produced 2 different models of the Vitesse, the first one on carbon fiber was produced in Lake Blue and Light Blue Sport colors, with matching interiors of course. As for the 2nd model, made in Jet Gray with shiny surfaces, interior wise its colors are black and orange, two very good matching ones.

It is a symbol of monetary power, luxury and freedom. The Vitesse is a pinnacle when it comes to roadsters for it's elegance, bold design and of course it's tremendous speed. If you're looking for road dominance and a luxurious car, look no further.

Price: $ 2,55 millions

Sunday, March 4, 2012

postheadericon Hotel Le Sirenuse

The Le Sirenuse has 59 accomodations, each with the convinience and sophistication of a luxury hotel, coupled with the cozy atmosphere of a familiar residence. The light decoration goes with the the epoch furniture with various paintings from italian masters, in well lighted and fresh ambiance. The color combination on the walls brings both lightness to the suites and joy. Over the Mediterranean Sea, the balconies offer a wonderful and rich view over Positano city.
 But it's not only the eye that feasts at the Le Sirenuse. Taste and smell do their part as well in captivating guests, through the various gastronomy displays offered by the hotel. The La Sponda serves delicious typical napolitanian dishes, prepared with local ingredients by the Toscanini chef Matteo Temperini. The simple but yet high quality products used bring to life a light with modern influence menu.

For the ones wishing to relax after enjoying a day in the city, the Sirenuse Spa, with its modern and cozy design offers a lot of variety when it comes to the guests comfort and relaxation. From facial treatments, body massages, therapeutic and relaxing, performed by professionals. The various rooms can accomodate singles or couples at the same time, if they wish to enjoy the oil and natural products treatments, together. There's also a fitness center, very well equipped where one can have a personal trainer assistance.

As for other activities the beach is an option, as well as shopping at the boutiques of the most important brands in the fashion scene. One other service offered by the Sirenuse is a yatch renting service, with which guests can explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the region, all in a luxurious and sophisticated boat.

Monday, February 20, 2012

postheadericon Louboutin's Mexibeads 10mm

Summer is still one season away but of course the fashion world gets to show their colors for the season earlier. In the high heels section we'll have these vibrant Louboutins for 2012, the Mexibeads.

Color is the predominant thing on these shoes, with a classic design and model Christian Louboutin added the sensuality and feeling of Summer season without forgetting sophistication and artisan craft.

Measuring 10mm of heel, the Mexibeads are a homage to the effervescent and captivating Mexican culture, with its hot latino rhythms. Made entirely by hand, the Mexibeads were enveloped in black satin and embroidered with colored beads, like the traditional sombreros. The 10mm heel received just the same treatment as the rest of the shoe, reflecting the dedication of the stylist to the details of his creations.

The already unmistakable red sole coupled with the golden letters forming "Christian Louboutin" as well as the leather inside make the Mexibeads a must have in the list of shoe lovers around the world.

Price: $2.695
Sunday, February 12, 2012

postheadericon Cartier's Love Bracelets

Cartier's Love Bracelets are suppose to be a symbol of passion and beauty. A truly luxurious collection of jewelry. Created for the Cartier brand in 1969, the bracelets have a very unique closing system, that has been maintained until today, very much inspired by the medieval chastity belts, demonstrating possession and true love for another. Contrary to normal bracelets these cannot be taken off by just sliding through the hand, these contain small screws and a tiny screwdriver, that can be worn as a pendant, only it can open the bracelet meaning its supposed to be worn all the time symbolizing the eternal union and expressing the true love between couples.
The links made with gold, either yellow gold, pink or white gold, are individually worked on, a refined artisan job making the bracelets and they're screws come to life. Adorned with diamonds, high grade diamonds even, and black ceramic details, these bracelets reflect the glamour and rich sophistication of the French style.
The charming screwdriver made of 18 Carat gold, as referenced before can be worn as a pendant, by the companion expressing the desire to possess and be possessed by lovers.

The various styles and colors are meant to reach as many people as possible of course, the 3 gold types variety makes it that even if yellow or pink gold is not for one's personal taste white gold can be. Elegance and prestige were always flagships of the Dior brand and the Love Bracelets are no exception.

Price: $13.650

Friday, February 3, 2012

postheadericon Jean Martell's Cognac L’Or

The unique master piece that is embodied in this fine spirit drink, the Cognac L'Or from the Martell House, delivers a sophisticated and sensory full experience to anyone that has the privilege of coming in contact with it. The four kinds of "eaux-de-vie" used, a carefully selected combination of the house's production, have one of the most refined aging processes in the Martell's house, inside oak barrels.

This denomination, "eaux-de-vie", is given to a fruits liquor, produced through fermenting and double distillation, the process giving birth to a colorless, fruit smelling liquor, usually quite light.

The contribution given to L'Or from the "eaux-de-vie" results in a complex and rich taste, smell and color. As the aging goes, the sugary fruit flavors in each eaux reflect themselves, the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, FIns Bois and Borderies.
An intense amber color, with streaks of mahogany, almost gold like, enchant anyone that takes time to appreciate these small details. As of scent, this cognac delivers scents such as orange and plum, traces of cinnamon and spices. When stirred a bit, small traces of dry walnuts, agar wood and oriental forests can also be identified.

To the taste, its smooth and gentle, things like gooseberry, rancio and dry fruits make it embodied and intense, finishing in an incredible invasion of orange, plum, spices and ginger. Truly to be enjoyed by cognac lovers.

Price: $3.600

Saturday, January 28, 2012

postheadericon The Setai South Beach Hotel

In the middle of Miami Beach's agitated life, there are still places of relaxation where one can enjoy some tranquility. One of those places is the Setai South Beach Hotel, an extremely luxurious hotel that offers the perfect balance between serenity and grace, a refuge. The suites are adorned in an Asian inspired theme with much care for details, such example of this are the various objects adorned with jades from ancient Chinese markets.

.Amongst all the available types of accommodations the Penthouse is without a doubt the most luxurious one. The ample living room has very modern decorations in tones of beige, white and maroon. Its windows offer an excellent view over the Atlantic Ocean, besides the great illumination they provide. Excellency goes beyond the living room of course, the dining room, the music room with its Steinway piano, the balcony, the private pool and jacuzzi. 4 suites make up the sleeping quarters, 2 masters with king-size beds, hydro massage  and sauna. A guests room with 2 queen-size beds and an extra room for a butler or employee. Totaling 930m2 of luxury and privacy.

The Setai has a variety of bars and restaurants offering a nice varied experience to all its guests. Between the tropical gardens and pools by the ocean, 3 different temperature pools for the more demanding guests. The complete pool service includes things such as towels, magazines and iPods with playlists. For the more radical ones, jet-ski is an option as well.

Fitness center, spa and other relaxing activities make up for the rest of the services provided in this elegant and sophisticated hotel. A must for anyone with great taste.

Price: $1.900+
Monday, January 23, 2012

postheadericon Bentley Continental GT V8 2013

A new year means amongst other things new models for almost every car brand and Bentley is no exception. The Continental GT V8 2013 comes with a V8 motor, with 507cv and 660 Nm of torque. With an automatic exchange of 8 and a new integral traction system, getting from 0 to 100km/h in less than 5 seconds. The V8 bi-turbo with 4litres and direct injection was equipped with an advanced control system that deactivates 4 cylinders when not on it's maximum power use.

From the outside the new Continental is elegant, with very well defined lines and with a strong and very robust design, Bentley's trademark, other subtle changes include a redesigned logo and 3 air vents on the front. It has surprisingly spacious interiors even in the backseat.
 Perfect for anyone willing to pay for the luxury of a Bentley and the power of a sports car.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

postheadericon Glenfiddich whiskey 50 years old

120 years ago the first stones of the Glenfiddich distillery were set by William Grant and his 7 sons and 2 daughters and for decades many generations of workers and artisans worked hard to produce one of the finest and best whiskey's in the world.

This time the Glenfiddich distillery has released to the public their 50 Years Old Whiskey for the delight of many. It will however be quite exclusive due to the fact that only 50 bottles will be made available per year during the next 10 years, making it quite the luxury to have.

The bottles will be carefully crafted and decorated with a fine Scottish silver label and numbered individually by hand. It's then put inside a sophisticated casing, covered in leather and hand sewn, with a silk made interior. Besides the luxurious bottle, inside there can be found a book in which the history of the 50 Years Old Whiskey and a certificate of authenticity signed by all the workers.

The whiskey itself has a golden color slightly matte. With a complex aroma mixing floral parts, woven with tobacco leaves and green oak, quite intense as well. With an initial sweet taste, with hints of vanilla caramel and orange, followed by a multitude of other flavors like herbs, flowers and smooth fruits, with a hint of dry oak.

Price: $20,000

Thursday, January 12, 2012

postheadericon Rose Dior Bagatelle jewels

The Rose Dior Bagatelle collection praises the delicacy and femininity of roses. The rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces Rose Dior, show a classic style, making such an unique effect that it seems the flowers are entangled with the fingers, wrist and neck, as if an eternal love declaration.

The frames are made of 18 Karats white gold, adorned with tiny diamonds of various colors, as well as sapphires and emeralds. The reference ring as been made with yellow gold and pink, making the selection from which to choose from wider.

The collection has a very unique look to it, very particular! The rose theme fits perfectly with the pieces, as the delicacy and beauty from the combination of white gold and the rose makes these quite spectacular jewels, the rose is a symbol of elegance and romanticism and it has been poetically represented here by the maison Dior, through exceptional artisan work from the French brand.

Monday, January 9, 2012

postheadericon Intercontinental Thalasso Spa - Bora Bora

 With it's location on Motu Piti Aau, the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa is one of the five star hotels in Bora Bora.

Available to costumers are 80 villas above the water besides 3 family suites. The landscape from each one of them varies but it's always beautiful to see, either the lagoon, Otemanu mount, the mystical main island or even the coconut trees around the hotel.

Every room is luxuriously decorated and delivers a stay that is hardly forgettable.  Furniture is made out of local materials and fibers and with finishing touches in fabric and Polynesian motifs that go very well with the outside view.

As means of entertainment the hotel offers many activities such as pro diving, fitness center, tennis courts and jetski. Various shops and boutiques for shopping needs as well.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

postheadericon Collezione Minou

The Damiani brand produces, by the hand of the most skilled Italian craftsmen, jewels of great excellency and quality. Sophisticated and exuberant their creations can make the the precious metals used shine the most as well as a very good color and light combination coming from the stones used, make these jewels quite extraordinary and unique.

This particular collection, the Minou, is meant to be atemporal so that any generation can marvel in its beauty, it's part of the classics from Damiani. In it we can find 5 different pieces made out of white gold, to go with the diamonds in them.

Colorless diamonds between the 0,3 and 4 Carats show up very discretely on the ring, the solitaire ring, the bracelet, the earrings and the pendent make up for the entire collection.

A thing to notice is that every piece has engraved the in their body the weight and color of the diamnds used as proof of authenticity and Damiani legitimacy.

Price: By contact.


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