Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Cartier's Love Bracelets are suppose to be a symbol of passion and beauty. A truly luxurious collection of jewelry. Created for the Cartier brand in 1969, the bracelets have a very unique closing system, that has been maintained until today, very much inspired by the medieval chastity belts, demonstrating possession and true love for another. Contrary to normal bracelets these cannot be taken off by just sliding through the hand, these contain small screws and a tiny screwdriver, that can be worn as a pendant, only it can open the bracelet meaning its supposed to be worn all the time symbolizing the eternal union and expressing the true love between couples.
The links made with gold, either yellow gold, pink or white gold, are individually worked on, a refined artisan job making the bracelets and they're screws come to life. Adorned with diamonds, high grade diamonds even, and black ceramic details, these bracelets reflect the glamour and rich sophistication of the French style.
The charming screwdriver made of 18 Carat gold, as referenced before can be worn as a pendant, by the companion expressing the desire to possess and be possessed by lovers.

The various styles and colors are meant to reach as many people as possible of course, the 3 gold types variety makes it that even if yellow or pink gold is not for one's personal taste white gold can be. Elegance and prestige were always flagships of the Dior brand and the Love Bracelets are no exception.

Price: $13.650

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Anonymous said...


Hento the loony repairman :D said...

13k dollars? well i suppose these work for a high class couple wanting to reaffirm some s&m haha xD

but man theres alot of useful things i would do and get with 13k, than these


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