Friday, February 3, 2012

postheadericon Jean Martell's Cognac L’Or

The unique master piece that is embodied in this fine spirit drink, the Cognac L'Or from the Martell House, delivers a sophisticated and sensory full experience to anyone that has the privilege of coming in contact with it. The four kinds of "eaux-de-vie" used, a carefully selected combination of the house's production, have one of the most refined aging processes in the Martell's house, inside oak barrels.

This denomination, "eaux-de-vie", is given to a fruits liquor, produced through fermenting and double distillation, the process giving birth to a colorless, fruit smelling liquor, usually quite light.

The contribution given to L'Or from the "eaux-de-vie" results in a complex and rich taste, smell and color. As the aging goes, the sugary fruit flavors in each eaux reflect themselves, the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, FIns Bois and Borderies.
An intense amber color, with streaks of mahogany, almost gold like, enchant anyone that takes time to appreciate these small details. As of scent, this cognac delivers scents such as orange and plum, traces of cinnamon and spices. When stirred a bit, small traces of dry walnuts, agar wood and oriental forests can also be identified.

To the taste, its smooth and gentle, things like gooseberry, rancio and dry fruits make it embodied and intense, finishing in an incredible invasion of orange, plum, spices and ginger. Truly to be enjoyed by cognac lovers.

Price: $3.600

5 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

holy fuck, i wouldnt even bother drinking that. I would just put it up on display with a "u jelly" sign

Anonymous said...

Looks fine.
One botle for me, please

Anonymous said...

the bottle looks like its from the old startrek series. lol

Publius said...

that's some high class ish... i gotta try it

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

what a fancy bottle, looks like expensive perfume, :O, if i had the pleasantries of buying such fine expenses, i woudlnt be here on the internet for sure.. XD


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