Monday, February 20, 2012

postheadericon Louboutin's Mexibeads 10mm

Summer is still one season away but of course the fashion world gets to show their colors for the season earlier. In the high heels section we'll have these vibrant Louboutins for 2012, the Mexibeads.

Color is the predominant thing on these shoes, with a classic design and model Christian Louboutin added the sensuality and feeling of Summer season without forgetting sophistication and artisan craft.

Measuring 10mm of heel, the Mexibeads are a homage to the effervescent and captivating Mexican culture, with its hot latino rhythms. Made entirely by hand, the Mexibeads were enveloped in black satin and embroidered with colored beads, like the traditional sombreros. The 10mm heel received just the same treatment as the rest of the shoe, reflecting the dedication of the stylist to the details of his creations.

The already unmistakable red sole coupled with the golden letters forming "Christian Louboutin" as well as the leather inside make the Mexibeads a must have in the list of shoe lovers around the world.

Price: $2.695

4 Opinions:

Joana Galhardo said...

i think that if you're gonna post about louboutins shoes, you should at least pick pretty ones :\

The Piggie said...

Those are really unique looking, but unfortunately, I will never wear such shoes.

Anonymous said...

Love how vibrant they look!

Extrawood said...

not so easy on the eyes, original though, I'll give it that.


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