Saturday, January 28, 2012

postheadericon The Setai South Beach Hotel

In the middle of Miami Beach's agitated life, there are still places of relaxation where one can enjoy some tranquility. One of those places is the Setai South Beach Hotel, an extremely luxurious hotel that offers the perfect balance between serenity and grace, a refuge. The suites are adorned in an Asian inspired theme with much care for details, such example of this are the various objects adorned with jades from ancient Chinese markets.

.Amongst all the available types of accommodations the Penthouse is without a doubt the most luxurious one. The ample living room has very modern decorations in tones of beige, white and maroon. Its windows offer an excellent view over the Atlantic Ocean, besides the great illumination they provide. Excellency goes beyond the living room of course, the dining room, the music room with its Steinway piano, the balcony, the private pool and jacuzzi. 4 suites make up the sleeping quarters, 2 masters with king-size beds, hydro massage  and sauna. A guests room with 2 queen-size beds and an extra room for a butler or employee. Totaling 930m2 of luxury and privacy.

The Setai has a variety of bars and restaurants offering a nice varied experience to all its guests. Between the tropical gardens and pools by the ocean, 3 different temperature pools for the more demanding guests. The complete pool service includes things such as towels, magazines and iPods with playlists. For the more radical ones, jet-ski is an option as well.

Fitness center, spa and other relaxing activities make up for the rest of the services provided in this elegant and sophisticated hotel. A must for anyone with great taste.

Price: $1.900+

4 Opinions:

college speed said...

This is just the level of luxury I wish everyone worked towards. This looks just remarkable. I may take my wife and 5 children to this hotel. I would love to spend time there in comfort.

Vague Raconteur said...

Penthouse in a place like that... damn I'd love that.

Feathers said...

God that's a beautiful hotel!

Publius said...

baller. status.


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