Friday, January 6, 2012

postheadericon Azimut Grande 120SL

The Azimut Grande 120SL is a creation of Azimut, a well known Yatch company. It's an impressive yatch, sleak and good looking on the outside, exquisite and clean on the inside.

If you want to buy a yatch between the yatch and megayatch range, you're left in the superyatchs in which the 120SL falls into. Practically a home on the sea.

With some impressive 45.5m length wise and 3 Rolls-Royce motors to propel it, reaching a max speed of 38 Knots, it is indeed a very fine boat. With enough cabins for a small crew of about 10 people 18,000 lts fuel tanks, this luxurious yatch will make anyone love it.

From the outside you can already tell it's big of course but it still surprises when you actually see the inside, it has plenty of space, making it very comfortable to be in. It could however look a little bit better on the outside but with the level of comfort from the inside that slides.

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