Sunday, January 8, 2012

postheadericon Collezione Minou

The Damiani brand produces, by the hand of the most skilled Italian craftsmen, jewels of great excellency and quality. Sophisticated and exuberant their creations can make the the precious metals used shine the most as well as a very good color and light combination coming from the stones used, make these jewels quite extraordinary and unique.

This particular collection, the Minou, is meant to be atemporal so that any generation can marvel in its beauty, it's part of the classics from Damiani. In it we can find 5 different pieces made out of white gold, to go with the diamonds in them.

Colorless diamonds between the 0,3 and 4 Carats show up very discretely on the ring, the solitaire ring, the bracelet, the earrings and the pendent make up for the entire collection.

A thing to notice is that every piece has engraved the in their body the weight and color of the diamnds used as proof of authenticity and Damiani legitimacy.

Price: By contact.

2 Opinions:

sloppybroom said...

Those diamonds . .holy moly!!!!

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

I could only invest in something that:

1- creates or performs a palpable helpful functioning purpose
2- aids in your work life health joy performance

as such i cant place value/beauty on a rare piece of crystal that shows just how much money you have to spend, then again, i do like to stare and or watch/listen to pieces of art(non costly XD) so i guess its not just my cup of tea!

Great info and details still!, Looking forward to see more shares!


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