Thursday, January 12, 2012

postheadericon Rose Dior Bagatelle jewels

The Rose Dior Bagatelle collection praises the delicacy and femininity of roses. The rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces Rose Dior, show a classic style, making such an unique effect that it seems the flowers are entangled with the fingers, wrist and neck, as if an eternal love declaration.

The frames are made of 18 Karats white gold, adorned with tiny diamonds of various colors, as well as sapphires and emeralds. The reference ring as been made with yellow gold and pink, making the selection from which to choose from wider.

The collection has a very unique look to it, very particular! The rose theme fits perfectly with the pieces, as the delicacy and beauty from the combination of white gold and the rose makes these quite spectacular jewels, the rose is a symbol of elegance and romanticism and it has been poetically represented here by the maison Dior, through exceptional artisan work from the French brand.

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Anonymous said...

Show this to FM.

J. (the blonde one)

Luxu said...

Ok I will!


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