Friday, January 6, 2012

postheadericon Champagne Dom Pérignon Vintage 2002

Every good wine lover must probably know the name Dom Pérignon, one of the most renowned brands worldwide of champagne. They produce vintage champagne, which is only produced every few years since its made differently than regular champagne or wine.

the 2002 crop had a nice primeval period, warm and dry. Summer had nice long sunny days with a bit of rain in between. 

With a slight scent of fresh almonds, accompanied by some lemon and dry fruits and small nuances that can be described as fumed and toasted.

As for taste, it's a perfect and intense champagne with an elegant bitter pitch.

It's not an every day champagne and it's really recommended more towards people that really enjoy wine, not that it can't be tasted by anyone, but some will most likely absorb much more from it.

Price: $530.00

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Jenny said...

Deste não trouxeste tu para a Passagem de Ano! Pois...


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